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Hire unique touring exhibitions, designed and developed by the team behind the world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre.

Our exhibitions have been produced by experts with a focus on delivering meaningful experiences for audiences of all ages and levels of understanding. Utilising an exciting range of original artefacts, replica items as well as themed friendly activities these exhibitions invite visitors to engage with history in ways that entertain, educate and create lasting memories.

The nature of our exhibitions means they can be adapted to fit a variety of spaces. We will also produce site specific content bespoke to your venue. Our dedicated team will ensure installation is hassle-free and to the highest quality, as well as providing support on exhibition planning and marketing.

You can read our Gladiators Case Study here. Learn how we partnered with Durham County Council to bring our exhibition to Bishop Auckland Town Hall.

To see how we can work with your venue, please contact Chris Tuckley, Head of Interpretation and Learning, [email protected].

You can find out more about general content and hire fees here.

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Fearsome Craftsmen

The Vikings are often portrayed as fearsome, seagoing, pagan warriors. However, this is only half of the picture.


What makes a hero? Power, bravery, determination? Learn about how the Vikings viewed heroism. Who were the real and mythical heroes of the Viking Age?

Medieval Medicine

Medieval Medicine introduces you to a very different way of thinking about wellbeing and healthcare, showcasing the contrasting approaches of five practitioners from the period.


This fascinating exhibition looks at how the latest archaeological techniques can shed new light on Viking preparations for the afterlife


Gladiators – A Cemetery of Secrets explores York’s Roman past through the skeletal remains of six men buried in a cemetery on the outskirts of the city. Who were they? Where did they come from? And how did they die?

Vikings - Fact or Fiction

So, you think you know the Vikings? Separate the fact from the fiction in this myth-busting exhibition

Windows on the Past

Created to help bring high streets back to life when retail stores close, building managers, town centre management and local BIDs can hire pop-up installations – effectively, an interactive museum display that sits in a shop window – designed and developed by the team behind the world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre.

Essential Information

Each of our touring exhibitions are unique and cover a range of time periods and themesThe service you receive from us and the price you pay is the same no matter which one you choose.