Valhalla explores life and death in Viking Britain. Split across three sections – everyday life, how they celebrated their dead and their myths and sagas. Learn how archaeological research helps us understand more about this era of Britain’s past.

This fascinating exhibition looks at how the latest archaeological techniques can shed new light on Viking preparations for the afterlife. Visitors will learn how excavations and other types of research reveal the ways in which Vikings commemorated and celebrated their dead, with boat burials, grave goods and ornately carved stone monuments.

Artefacts from excavations in York reflect everyday life in Britain 1000 years ago, while a Viking-age skeleton with facial reconstruction allows visitors to come face to face with the past. In our family-friendly content, younger visitors can discover the world of Viking gods and Norse myths.

“Working with York Archaeology Touring is like a lightbulb moment. They offer high-quality exhibitions and have built their reputation on learning to evolve with their partner’s needs. The touring exhibitions team are fluid in their approach from pre-planning, guidance, in-house training and support throughout their exhibitions. The success of previous exhibitions from York Archaeology Touring has seen The Beacon Museum engage with new audiences as well as breaking down barriers to inclusion for many here in West Cumbria..”

Alan Gillon, Learning and Engagement Officer

The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven

Valhalla Technical Specifications

Exhibitions are designed for spaces between 150 and 200 square metres. However, the nature of our exhibitions allows for them to be adapted to fit smaller or larger spaces, with a bespoke design for your venue included as standard.

The exact exhibition content is reviewed on a venue-by-venue by basis. Previous exhibitions have included:

  • A selection of original artefacts
  • Showpiece item
  • Themed family-friendly area with activities
  • Interpretation panels and labels
  • Bespoke site-specific content
  • Replica items
  • AV material

Please note that due to the nature of the original artefacts provided, including human remains, certain environmental and display criteria will apply. Full details of these will be provided by our curatorial team.

For more information please see our Essential Information page here. 

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